Indigenous design

The state of the art vehicle design was result of brainstorming with a diverse and intricate designing team in collaboration with South Africa’s top armour vehicle companies.

Robust structure

One of its kind Scipio armoured carrier is an extremely flexible and agile battlefield tool with outstanding mine and ballistic protection. It accommodates a crew of 2 in the front along with 9 fully equipped soldiers in the rear space. Scipio offers extraordinary flexibility to be configured as per client preferences to a simple armoured personnel carrier or as an effective wheeled combat vehicle by the addition of appropriate weapon systems, making it ideal for conventional and nonconventional missions. Optional specification may be changed according to client.

Model Specifications
  • Full B7 Armour rating
  • 21 kg TNT Mine Protected
  • Outward facing crew seats
  • Payload 6750 kg
  • Front & Back Camera’s
  • Superior Interior space
  • Modern Styling
  • Advanced shallow “V” Technology
  • 6 Internal firing prots
  • Operational temperatures -9°C to 55°C prepared
  • Low Maintenance drivelines
  • Convertible to Command, Fire Support, Water Tanker, Diesel Tanker, Ambulance and Mine Protected Vehicle
  • All-terrain armoured personnel carrier (APC)
  • Air conditioner military spec, split unit 17 kW
Detailed Specifications
Overall Length (OL) 6450mm
Overall Width (OW) 2700mm
Overall Height (OH) 3050mm
Wheel Base (WB) 3450mm
Payload 6750kg
Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) 23000kg
Cruising Range 1000 km
Crew Seating Capacity 11 (2+9)
Permissible Geared Road Speed 110 km/h
Engine Make Mercedes-Benz
No of Gears 16 with Overdrive configuration
Transmission Manual / Automatic
Fuel Tank capacity 280l
Max Power – Kw @ r/min 350/1800
Max Power – N.m @ r/min 2300/1100
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Defence Sector

Scipio aims at developing innovative solutions for the defence (land, sea and air), internal or homeland security, peacekeeping and cash in transit vehicles.

Scipio aims at connecting all of these solutions through leading edge development, continuous innovation, global experience and its ‘can do’ attitude to deliver the best outcomes to our customers.

Our product line includes:

Troop carriers

Designed to transport infantry to the battlefield. Armoured Personnel Carriers are colloquially referred to as ‘battle taxis’ or ‘battle buses’, among other things. Armoured personnel carriers are distinguished from infantry fighting vehicles by the weaponry they carry. An armoured combat vehicle is designed and equipped to transport a combat infantry squad and which, as a rule, is armed with an integral or organic weapon of less than 20 millimeters calibre.By convention, they are not intended to take part in direct-fire battle, but are armed for self-defence and armoured to provide protection from shrapnel and small arms fire. 

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New Generation ambulances featuring more powerful engines and better manufacturing techniques than their predecessors and capacity to withstand a 21 kg TNG blast under a wheel and a 14 kg blast under the hull. Variants include cargo, water, fuel, command and control, infantry fighting, and recovery. To meet customer demand, the vehicles can be fitted with different drivetrains.

Water tanker

 Water Tanker is designed to transport fuel or water to support the soldiers on the battlefield. Constructed out of stainless steel with internal baffles and can transport 1500 gallons. It is a self contained unit, housing the pump and control module, hoses, reels and dispensing nozzles, metering instruments, level indicators, filters, and a sampling probe used with the aqua-glow water sampling kit.

Diesel Tanker

Bowser also describes a fuel tanker is used to deliver fuel to aircraft at airports or airfields. It is a method of distribution aimed at improving fuel access for customers while reducing the main costs of each distributor.

Command vehicle

Mobile command vehicle supports deployment crews in the management and coordination of tactical units for battle operations. The command vehicle is an indispensable instrument for authorities and organizations for controlling and mastering difficult operational situations in a manageable and organized fashion.

The field of activities of mobile command vehicles, regardless of the specific operational situation, generally include:

Transport and support of the operational leader/staff Transport of command materials Handling of radio transmissions between the operation site and a superior guiding authority